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Section 3.5: Interface Geochemistry

Mineral Synthesis Laboratory

The Mineral Synthesis Laboratory is an integrated laboratory suite designed for studying the formation of nature-inspired and synthetic mineral phases, and their interactions with nutrients and contaminants. This facility is therefore well-equipped for the synthesis of various minerals (e.g., silicates, (oxyhydr)oxides, sulfides, sulfates, carbonates, phosphates) and their characterization using a wide-range spectroscopic and scattering techniques.

Omics Lab

Molecular Microbiology and Organic Biogeochemistry Laboratory

The Molecular Microbiology and Organic Biogeochemistry Laboratory of the Interface Geochemistry research group is focused on the biological aspects related to microbe-mineral interface reactions in cryogenic and non-cryogenic environments. Our research addresses a series of culture-dependent and -independent techniques as well as the characterization of the dynamics of dissolved and particulate carbon in various environmental samples.

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