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Micromeritics Gemini VII gas sorption analyzer

Contact: Dr. Jeffrey Paulo Perez

Location: C358

The gas sorption analyzer is used to determine surface area and pore volume of solid materials. Measurements are usually done using nitrogen gas at the boiling point of nitrogen (77 K). The surface area of the material is determined by measuring the amount of gas sorbed onto the surfaces (cm3 N2 STP per g solid) at increasing pressures (adsorption) or decreasing pressures (desorption). The obtained N2 sorption isotherm at varying pressures can be used to distinguish between varying surfaces, outer surfaces, macro-, meso- and microporous surfaces. The BET (Brunauer, Emmett and Teller) theory is commonly used to determine the specific surface area of most solid materials. For porous materials with very narrow micropores (<2 nm), other adsorbent gases need to be used such as argon at 87 K for zeolites and MOFs, and carbon dioxide at 273 K for carbonaceous materials (i.e., activated carbon, nano- and mesoporous carbons).


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