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Gravity Information Service

The Gravity Information Service (GravIS) visualizes and describes Level-3 products based on the most recent GRACE  and GRACE-FO gravity field release from GFZ. The products presented at GravIS are available for download at GFZ's Information System and Data Center (ISDC) for GRACE and GRACE-FO.

GRACE/GRACE-FO data processing is structured into sensor data analysis (Level-0 to Level-1), global gravity field estimation (Level-1 to Level-2), and geophysical mass anomaly inversion (Level-2 to Level-3). Level-3 products at GravIS comprise gridded mass anomalies as well as basin average time series and are available for terrestrial water storage over non-glaciated regions, bottom pressure variations in the oceans, and ice-mass changes in both Antarctica and Greenland.

Entrance to GravIS 

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