European Plate Observing System Implementation Phase - EPOS IP

Geo-Energy Test Beds for Low Carbon Energy (GETB)

In order to meet commitments for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, subsurface technologies in the context of power generation, like increase of renewable geothermal power, carbon capture and storage (CCS), development of shale gas, and storage of nuclear waste are being discussed. Geo Energy Test Beds (GETB) are experimental test and monitoring facilities that exist, or are being developed in Europe, to understand the subsurface processes that affect environmental sustainability of these technologies.

Key aims of the project are to enable online access to information (data, data products, services and software) through combined IT systems, and trans-national access to these infrastructures, by development of a thematic core service (TCS) within EPOS. The first task is to bring together key European subsurface facilities and laboratories to work alongside other EPOS TCS, and build a consortium of GETB infrastructures.

GFZ is contributing to develop the GETB community with two of its deep underground laboratories, the CCS pilot site Ketzin and the geothermal research platform Groß Schönebeck, and is leading the task on validation of pilot service provision. Published data from the GFZ sites, which can be accessed via the GFZ Data Services repository , feeds into the TCS development.


EC - European Commission

Grant number: 676564

Duration: 01.10.2015-30.09.2019

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