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Virtual Helmholtz Institute ICLEA

Partners of the German-Polish Virtual Institute ICLEA are GFZ, Polish Academy of Sciences, and the Universities of Cottbus-Seftenberg (BTU-CS) and Greifswald. The coordination is based in Section 5.2 at the GFZ. The partners focusing their research capacities and expertise to explore processes of climate and landscape evolution in a historical cultural landscape, extending from northeastern Germany into northwestern Poland.

Therefore, a novel concept of linking time scales has been developed through integrating instrumental monitoring data with remote sensing information and proxy data analyses for a comprehensive understanding of landscape evolution processes and to distinguish between natural processes and human impacts. Emphasis will be on including natural archives with a seasonal time resolution in order to enable a direct link and calibration of proxy data with instrumental data. The northern‐central European lowlands will be facilitated as a natural laboratory providing an ideal case for utilizing this systematic and holistic approach. Hence, ICLEA will provide a panel for system‐based investigations of climatic variability and environmental response.

The partners are working in five Work Packages. Section 5.2 Climate Dynamics and Landscape Evolution is focused on WP 3 and WP 4.

WP 1: Hydrological and climate data
WP 2: Archive remote sensing data
WP 3: Tree‐ring data
WP 4: Lake sediment data
WP 5: Soil and geomorphological data

WP3 and 4 focus on different natural archives to obtain a broad variety of high quality proxy data. WP3 Tree rings provides sub-seasonal data for the last centuries up to few millennia. WP4 varved lake sediments covers the entire research time interval at seasonal to decadal resolution. Complementary information, like climate, tree ecophysiological and limnological data etc., will be provided by cooperation with associated partners.

Polish Academy of Sciences
University Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU-CS)
University Greifswald

ILCEA project website

Initiative and Networking Fund of the Helmholtz Association, grant number VH-VI-415

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