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Dr. Markus Schwab

Function and Responsibilities:

  • Senior Scientist & Head of lab for tephra analytics 

Research Interests:

  • Sedimentology, Limnogeology
  • Lake sediments as archives of climate variability
  • Paleoenvironmental and Climate Studies
  • Extreme Events
  • Climate and Societies


  • since 01/2012 GFZ, Senior Scientist / Coordinator at the GFZ for:
    Helmholtz Virtual Institute ICLEA (VI for Integrated Climate and Landscape Evolution Analyses)
    Helmholtz Climate Initiative REKLIM (Regional climate change)
    Dead Sea Deep Drilling Project (DSDDP)
  • 04/2008 - 12/2011 GFZ, Scientific staff member at the Scientific Executive Board
  • 11/1998-03/2008 GFZ (with interruptions), Research Assistant / Coordinator
         10/2007 - 03/2008 Researcher at the Leibniz Center for Surface Process and Climate Studies (Univ. Potsdam/GFZ )
         07/2004 - 03/2005 Researcher at the Uxbridge University London
Academic Teaching:
  • 2006 - 2012 Guest professorship for Sedimentology / Stratigraphy, Dept. of Geodynamics and Sedimentology, Univ. of Vienna
  • 2000 - 2002 Guest Lecturer University of Potsdam, Sedimentology


  • 1994 - 1998 AWI Potsdam / Uni Potsdam, Dr. rer. nat. Thesis: “Reconstruction of the Late Quaternary climatic and environmental history of the Schirmacher Oasis and the Wohlthat Massif (East Antarctica)”
  • 1993 - 1994 Geologist at the engineering company 'Kühn Geoconsulting' Bonn – Berlin
  • 1987 - 1993 Study of Geology / Paleontology at the Ernst Moritz Arndt University of Greifswald (Germany) Diploma Thesis: "Investigations in order to internal deformation and epi-metamorphosis at selected cores (North German - Polish Caledonides) and rock samples (Massif Brabant Caledonides)."
  • 1987 Consultant project planning, Brown coal mine Bitterfeld, work unit Geotechnical Engineering Halle/Saale
  • 1985-1987 Basic military service (air force / private first class, radar)
  • 1985 Exploration deep miner, potassium salt mine Rossleben (South Harz district), Germany


Research Boards and Committees:

2013-2016 Elected member Scientific Council of the GFZ

2022-2023 Elected member Staff Council of the GFZ

2023-2026 Elected member Staff Council of the GFZ

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