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Analytical performance:

Fully automatic acquisition of:

  • split surface morphology using a simple microswitch
  • magnetic susceptibility logs of (soft) sediment cores of up to 1.5 m length using a Bartington MS2E sensor.
  • the optical spectrum of sediment cores using a GretagMacbeth Spectrolino. Color measurements are performed through a circular window of 4 mm diameter. Results are given as 36 spectral lines every 10 nm from 380 to 730 nm along a single trace. Together with spectral data, XYZ and L*a*b* values are stored to an ascii file (currently unavailable).
  • Measuring increment: 1 mm (or larger)

Technical concept:

  • N. R. Nowaczyk, M. Voigt

Software development:

  • linux software (Kubuntu Linux) for data acquisition: D. Ulbricht


  • Magnetostratigraphic investigation of lake and marine sediments.

Sample types:

  • split cores, u-channels, x-ray samples.


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