Section 4.3: Climate Dynamics and Landscape Evolution

Technical Field Equipment - Drilling Equipment
  • Drilling of long cores, short cores ans freeze cores
  • Equipment for limnological samling and measurements
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Lake sediment monitoring

With the monitoring in the framework of the TERENO-project we aim at better understand the formation processes of lake sediments for an advanced reconstruction of past climate and environment.

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Laboratory for thin-section preparation

The thin section preparation is used to make or produce sections of soft sediments (lacustrine and marin), hard rock, minerals, frozen kernels, organic materials, soils, ores and hygroscopic samples such as salts and clays.

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Laboratory for Microscopy

The laboratory for microscopy focuses on the specific requirements of microfacies analysis of lake sediments, but also offers a wide range of possibilities for other applications.

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Laboratory for XRF Element Scanning

The laboratory for XRF Element Scanning provides qualitative and non-destructive analyses of sediment compositions based on X-ray Fluoresces. These analyses provide detailed element records and maps that can be used to characterise past depositional, environmental and climatic conditions.

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Laboratory for Stable Isotopes and elemental analyses

In our laboratory are being measured the stable isotopes of the light elements Carbon (C), Nitrogen (N), Oxygen (O) and Hydrogen (H) in different terrestrial climate archives such as lake sediments and speleothems as well as in precipitation and surface water.

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Laboratory for Tephrochronology

In the laboratory for tephrochronology, visible and invisible (crypto-) tephras are extracted from sediment records and prepared for geochemical fingerprinting of the volcanic source as a chronological tool for palaeoclimate archives.

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Cryogenic long-core magnetometer
Laboratory for Earth Magnetism in Time and Space

This laboratory deals with magnetostratigraphic dating of paleoclimate archives and the reconstruction of geomagnetic field variation in the geological past, as well as with analyses of magnetic minerals.

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Laboratory for Dendrochronology

The Dendrochronology Laboratory serves for the reconstruction of temporal and spatial variability of the climate of the past utilizing multi-parameter tree ring analysis.

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