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DSS Cube / Omnirecs DATA Cube3

Pin Signal
A     Channel 1 +
B     Channel 1 -
C     Channel 2 +
D     Channel 2 -
E     Channel 3 +
F     Channel 3 -
G     NC
H     Analog Ground
J     NC
K     NC

- Mating Connector: [MIL-C-26482] 12-10P

Pin Signal
A     USB +5 V
B     USB +D
C     USB -D
D     Ground
E     Terminal TX 3.3 V
F     Terminal RX 3.3 V
G     Ext. Power DC 5 ...24 V

- Mating Connector (Recorder): [MIL-C-26482] 10-07S
- Mating Connector (PC): D-Sub 9-pin, female
- Terminal Cable is FTDI TTL-232R-3V3 (USB to TTL Serial Cable(3.3V))


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