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MI-DAM - MultI-parameter monitoring and real-time risk assessment of hydroelectric DAMs in the Kyrgyz Republic

Time Frame

  • 01.10.2017 - 30.09.2020


  • BMBF

Principal Investigator



  • TU Berlin
  • Alberding GmbH
  • Airbus Defence and Space Geo GmbH
  • ZAIAG, Kirgistan

Plans to construct hydroelectric dams in the Kyrgyz Republic and the need to assess the state of existing structures, especially with respect toearthquakes and landslides, requires structural and slope monitoring systems that provide information todecision makers in the event of emergencies. The MI-DAM project will developa robust, low-cost, and adaptable system that includes an early warning element and time-variable fragility functions. The system will continuously monitor the health of hydroelectric dams and the surrounding slopes, undertake on-site processing of recordingsby multi-parameter sensors, and forward the most relevant information to response centres (e.g., civil protection). The development of this system will potentially open new markets for German technology firms, while contributing to the training of Kyrgyz scientists, engineers and other risk mitigation practitioners. As an example, the project will focus on the Toktogul dam in Central Kyrgyzstan.

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