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Section 1.4: Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics

Spectroscopy Laboratory

The Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics Section has a well equipped spectral laboratory. The Spectroscopy Laboratory supports developments in optical remote sensing.

Equipment: Laboratory UV/Vis/NIR/TIR spectrometers, field spectroradiometers in the Vis/NIR and TIR range, hyperspectral cameras Vis/NIR/TIR, mobile x-ray fluorescence analyses

Contact: Dr. Carsten Neumann, Sylvia Magnussen, Prof. Dr. Sabine Chabrillat

UAV Pool

UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), also known as drones, are currently increasing in importance for geosciences and remote sensing in particular. Within the section, 10 UAVs are currently being used scientifically and supplemented by other devices that are used in cooperation with other sections.

Contact: Dr. Mathias Zöllner

Agricultural meteorological monitoring network

In the DEMMIN test field data on vegetation, soil and exchange processes between soil and atmosphere are recorded. Terestrial infrastructure consists of a common agro-meteorological network, by DLR and GFZ and additional 62 Soilmoisture stations. Monitoring data is complemented by Measurement campaigns to gather vegetation- and soil-parameters.

Contact: Dr. Daniel Spengler, Christian Hohmann

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