Section 4.1: Lithosphere Dynamics


For the purpose of the quantification of processes and property distributions related to deformation and mass fluxes, we operate an integrated geodynamic modelling laboratory that unites a variety of tools and methodologies.

Equipment: Rheometry, Viscosimeter, Ring-shear tester, Axial tester, SEM imaging, Sonic/Ultrasonic probing, Sandbox standards (compression, extension, strike-slip), Vice setup (pure shear), Gravitational/isostatic flow, Intrusion, Impact, Custom mades, Digital image correlation, Force/pressure sensors, MEMS accelerometers, Piezotransducers

Contact person: Dr. Matthias Rosenau

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Analytics & Preparation laboratory

For complex geodynamic questions we use a wide variety of analytical methods and procedures. Some of the analytic equipment is located in our group. There is also close cooperation with other research institutes, universities, and industry. As part of these cooperations external scientists may also use the equipment of our Preparation Lab.

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MOVE Suite Software

Petroleum Experts Limited (Petex) has granted 10 academic licences of the MOVE Suite Software to Helmholtz-Centre Potsdam – GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

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