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Electrical Resistivity Tomography


  • GEOTOM apparatus for up to 100 electrodes with an extension box up to 200 electrodes
  • 1-D-,2-D-, 3-D-ERT, complex electrical resistivity / self potential; 6 frequencies (0.3/1.04/2.08/4.16/8.32/25 Hz); 2 chanels; resolution: up to 10 nV
  • Cable with electrode spacing of 2m and extension cables
  • 200 stainless steal electrodes


  • General:  
    • Mapping and monitoring of the electrical conductivity of the underground: We can derive hydrological parameter (e.g. the spatial distribution of the ground water table) by interpreting the measured resistivity values.
    • Monitoring the temporal change in soil water content, e.g. a permanent resistivity profile was installed in the study area Wettzell (Bavarian Forest - BKG)

  • Projects:  

  • Study area:  



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