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Rules of instrument supply on loan to external users

1. Experiment preparation
A project proposal describing all technical details has to be delivered two months in advance of the estimated instrument supply (at the latest). The proposal has to be discussed with GIPP personnel in order to guarantee the preparation of necessary technical applications (e.g connectors), including the supply of special parts. Shortly before the instrument supply the external user will be trained in setup and control of the instruments.
In case of stand-alone recorders external users have to deliver their own setup-computer to Potsdam, where the instrument related software is installed (recommendation: Pocket PC running under Windows with serial interface or Netbook with USB interface and USB/serial adapter). Additionally, the setup software is explained to enable instrument parameter settings for the given experiment. That will take one or two working days (during these days a first training can take place).

2. Scheduling
The date of supply starts at the instrument delivery from GFZ Potsdam and ends at the complete instrument return to GFZ Potsdam. Besides the field campaign, it includes the times necessary for transportation and for data dumping. For highest instrument availability all users are requested to consider air transport for field campaigns outside Germany.

3. Instrument Supply: The GIPP supplies:

  • Sensors
  • Cables sensor to recorder
  • Recorders
  • Storage media (hard disks of recorders)
  • Power cables (with standard connector)
  • Control cables recorder to PC (IBM standard)

4. Tasks/outputs of the external users:

  • Power supply (gel batteries,NO acid batteries)
  • Battery connectors (adapters if necessary)
  • Cables sensor to recorder (by use of own sensors)
  • Setup PCStorage media for final data archival

5. Data Transfer
For highest instrument availability, archiving during the field experiment is preferred. Downloading units (USB/Firewire) or adapers are available for short lending periods. For data download after the field experiment a working place is available at GFZ. The external user is responsible to provide the final storage media (CD/DVD, etc.).

6. Instrument Return
The external user has to acknowledge the instrument supply (including add-ons). In order to allow prompt repair and maintenance, the user is obliged to hand over a protocol of appeared defects, drop-outs, damages and faults at instrument return (at the latest).

7. Data archiving
Raw data, which are obtained by using instruments of the “Geophysical Instrument Pool Potsdam (GIPP)” will be archived at the “GIPP experiment and data archive” or the “Seismological data archive (GEOFON)”, respectively. Data and field reports are submitted within one year after completion of the field measurements (at the latest). Data will be released to the public after 3 years after completion of the archiving (extension upon request). Data formats and details of archiving are defined in a separate document.

8. Accordingly apply the "Guidelines for using instruments of the GFZ Instrument Pools" .

Potsdam, 11. August 2010

Prof. Dr. M.H. Weber
Direktor Department 2 


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