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Data Delivery
Data will be delivered to the “GIPP Experiment and Data Archive” in different formats depending on the experiment type.

Data Format
Description of all data formats used in the "GIPP Experiment and Data Archive".

Steering Board
The steering board is formed by leading scientists from Universities, research institutions and/or industry.  

"Author declaration and metadata form for GIPP-data publications"
Form to collect information needed for data publications (for “GIPP Experiment and Data Archive” and GEOFON). For submission of data please contact Dr. Christian Haberland (haber(at)gfz-potsdam.de).

Template for Datareports
Template for data reports within the "Scientific Technical Report - Data GIPP Experiment- and Data Archive"-series (see example). For submission of report and data please contact Dr. Christian Haberland (haber(at)gfz-potsdam.de).

Rules of instrument supply on loan through the geophysical Instrument Pool (GIPP) of the GFZ
Listed are conditions and rules for the instrument supply. These issues are related to experiment preparation, scheduling, instrument return, data archiving, responsibilities of the user, etc.

User Response
At the end of instrument return we ask to  evaluate the collaboration with the Instrument Pool.

List of GIPP publications

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