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Investigation of geohydraulic, mineralogical, geochemical and biogenic interractions of underground H2 storage in depleted gas reservoirs

Subproject 4: Characterization of microbiological processes in reservoir rocks – its relevance for geological hydrogen storage

Focus of subproject in the research project for subsurface storage of hydrogen in depleted natural gas reservoirs, is to contribute to a comprehensive process understanding. Fundamental research concerning interactions between hydrogen, microbiological biocenosis, fluid and rock is carried out. Comparative analysis with molecularbiological and geochemical methods will help to derive conclusions concerning the efficiency and safety of subsurface hydrogen storage. They will contribute to a better understanding of the influence of biological processes and their role in methanogenesis and the formation of sulfide as well as formation and decomposition of minerals. With different complementary molecular biological methods changes in microbial community composition, cell counts and activity due to H2 exposition are investigated. Laboratory experiments will clarify to what extent H2 injection would contribute to increase population growth following by increased microorganisms/rock minerals interactions and methanogenesis.


Technische Universität Clausthal - TUC

Energie-Forschungszentrum Niedersachsen - EFZN

Friedrich Schiller-Universität Jena – FSU

Zentrum für geologische Speicherung- CCS, GFZ Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum

Sektion 5.3 Hydrogeologie, GFZ Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum

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