CO2MAN - CO2 Reservoirmanagement

Since 2004, research at the Ketzin test site in Brandenburg is going on in order to improve the scientific understanding of CO2 storage in a saline aquifer. The project CO2MAN succeeds the EU-funded project CO2SINK (2004-2010). The project CO2MAN aims at continuing and complementing the research activities at the Ketzin site and the transparent information of the public.

In order to use and further expand the potential of the first national CO2 storage project, CO2MAN aims at four main targets:

•Monitoring of the CO2 migration 1. Determination of the sensitivity of different monitoring methods 2. Development of geophysical monitoring concepts for CO2 storage

• Characterization and quantification of CO2 induced reactions between fluid, rock and the microbial community in the storage formation

•Validation of tools for static modelling and dynamic simulations using data from the Ketzin site

•Public outreach and knowledge transfer to stakeholders, policy makers and authorities.