Annual Conference "Research for the heat transition" of the Renewable Energies Research Alliance

Research for the heat transition - climate-neutral, efficient and flexible

The FVEE Annual Conference provides an overview of the current state of research for the heat transition. The scientists will discuss the drivers and barriers of the transformation in the heating sector and present new approaches and technologies with which the heat transition can be successfully implemented technically, economically and politically.

The conference programme includes numerous innovative projects that supply the heating needs of buildings and industry from renewable electricity, geothermal energy and biomass. Other presentations will report on the current state of research in thermal storage, low-temperature grids and intelligent control approaches.

There will also be contributions on the social acceptance of the necessary change, on the digitalisation of the heating sector and on the requirements for building and licensing law.

Scientific leadership: Prof. Frank Baur (IZES) and Prof. Dr. Michael Nelles (DBFZ)

Staff in the member institutions (including the GFZ) are a main target group of the annual conference. Therefore, participants from FVEE member institutions will receive a discount on the participation fee (80€ instead of 120€).

Programme and registration:

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