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KTB 8401

  • moderate reflectivity in the upper crust with dipping reflections both to the N and S, => possible remnants of Variscan thrusting,
  • a suspected "bright spot" in the upper crust near Haslach around 3.5 s TWT, where lines KTB 8402 and KTB 8403 intersect line KTB 8401,
  • Moho reflections between 8 and 9 s TWT,
  • strongly laminated lower crust, especially in the middle of the line near Haslach.

KTB 8402

  • "bright spot" at 3.5 s TWT beneath Haslach,
  • heterogeneous upper crust with variably dipping reflectors
  • strong lamination of the lower crust with an abrupt beginning at 5.5 s and termination at 8.5 s TWT.

KTB 8403

  • Haslach "bright spot" and pronounced laminated lower crust,
  • strong reflections along the upper (ca. 5s TWT) and lower boundaries (8.2-8.5 s TWT) of the lower crust
  • mainly subhorizontal reflections; only a few with moderate E-dip (6-8 s TWT).

KTB 8514

  • many diffractions dominate the strong lamination of the lower crust,
  • only a few scattered reflections within the upper crust.
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