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Project catalogues

Anyone submitting an application to the EU for a H2020 project is well advised to inform himself/herself at an early stage about projects in the respective area of expertise, which are already completed or still ongoing, to explicitly mention or explicitly exclude relations with the own project. Double funding should be avoided and all the Commission's expenditures for investigations to date should be useful for subsequent projects.

Potential candidates can get a feel for the kind of projects, which were selected for funding by the EU. To avoid overlaps and to exploit synergies, applicants should know and take into account what has already been funded. Project catalogues are also a good source of information for candidates who are looking for experienced partners in a particular field of research. For this reason the Commission´s databases and project catalogs are indispensable tools.

Project catalogues H2020

In January 2017 the Commission has updated the funding catalogue for all Horizon 2020 projects under the Societal Challenge 5 „Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials“ to the projects of the call 2016. The catalog includes brief descriptions of the 218 funded projects and is organized according to the structure of the Specific Programme SC5:

5.1. Fighting and adapting to climate change 5.2 Protecting the environment, sustainably managing natural resources, water, biodiversity and ecosystems 5.3. Ensuring the sustainable supply of non-energy and non-agricultural raw materials 5.4. Enabling the transition towards a green economy and society through ecoinnovation 5.5. Developing comprehensive and sustained global environmental observation and information systems

Project catalogue: HORIZON 2020 Research & Innovation Projects - CALLS 2014, 2015 and 2016, Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials

Project catalogues FP7

Project catalogue of the environment calls under the 7th Framework Programme (2007-2012)


With this project catalogue the European Commission has published a very useful resource: In addition to abstracts of all projects of the FP7 Environment calls the catalogue includes information, based on the proposal evaluations. For each project there is a page with abstract, including the Call-Topic code, type of project, title, financing, project duration and partners (including country).


Project catalogue: Catalogue of EU funded projects in Environmental Research -
2007-2012 - FP7 - Theme 6 Environment (including climate change)

Tackling Water Challenges - European Research Projects funded under the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes

This publication provides an overview of the majority of water-related research projects under FP6 and FP7 (2002-2011). The catalogue is divided into the following policy-related topics:

climate change, ecological status, floods, groundwater, hydro-morphology, sciencepolicy interface, socio-economy, water and agriculture, water scarcity und droughts 

Project catalogue:Tackling the Water Challenges: European Research Projects funded under the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes

International Cooperation with Mediterranean Partner Countries in FP7 - Project Synopsis

The nearly 600-page catalog portrays all in FP7 funded projects in which at least one partner from the Mediterranean area is or was involved.

The project catalogue presents in 11 thematically organized chapters (Energy, Environment, Food, agriculture and fisheries, Health, Information society and communication technologies, International cooperation activities, Nanotechnologies and new materials, Security, Socio-economic sciences, Space and Transport) collaborative research networks, projects for capacity building and infrastructure and mobility projects and also provides useful contact details of project partners.

Project catalogue: "International cooperation with MPC - FP7 project synopses"

Projects in support of international research and innovation cooperation International cooperation activities of the FP7 Capacities programme

The European Commission has published a very extensive compilation of the coordination and support actions of the International Cooperation that have been funded in the Specific Programme Capacities under the 7th Framework Programme.

The publication provides thereby a division between the different regions of the world:

- Australia, New Zealand, Pacific
- China, India, South-East Asia
- Latin America, Caribbean
- Sub-Saharan Africa
- Russia, central Asia
- Eastern Europe
- USA, Canada
- Japan, Korea
- Middle East, Mediterranean
- Western Balkans

Project catalogue: "Projects in support of international research and innovation cooperation - International cooperation activities of the FP7 Capacities programme"

Marine-related proposals 2007-2010

The 7th framework programme for research (FP7) contributes actively to the implementation of the "European Strategy for Marine and Maritime Research" COM (2008) 534. One of its key objectives is to foster integration between marine and maritime research and encourage a cross-thematic approach to support the EU Integrated Maritime Policy. This study is a follow-up of the first edition published in 2010. It presents basic consolidated statistical data and information from the 2007-2010 calls for proposals on marine-related proposals across all FP7 specific programmes. The aim is not only to show the real cross-cutting nature of marine sciences and technologies but also to help stakeholders identifying and exploring the diversity of FP7 activities that have either a marine-related dimension or with potential applications for the maritime sector.

Project catalogue: "Marine-related proposals 2007-2010"

"The Ocean of Tomorrow" Projects (2010-2013)

The aim of this brochure is to present the 31 projects that have been selected under "The Ocean of Tomorrow" initiative (2010‑2013). "The Ocean of Tomorrow" calls fall within the activities launched under FP7 to implement the "European Strategy for Marine and Maritime Research" (COM (2008) 534) and to address marine sciences and technologies as a challenge that cuts across themes. "The Ocean of Tomorrow" aims to foster multidisciplinary approaches and cross-fertilisation between various scientific disciplines and economic sectors on key cross-cutting marine and maritime challenges. Research projects funded under these calls bring together scientists, technology providers, industrial partners (including SMEs) and end-users. "The Ocean of Tomorrow" also links to the "Horizon 2020" programme, which acknowledges the importance of cross-cutting approaches.

Project catalogue: "The Ocean of Tomorrow Projects (2010-2013)"

Project catalogues FP5 and FP6

Polar Environment and Climate

This publication is a European Commission contribution to the International Polar Year 2007-2008 and its release is planned to coincide with the international symposium "Polar Environment and Climate: The Challenges - European Research in the context of the International Polar Year" organised by the European Commission-Directorate General for Research on the 5-6 March 2007 in Brussels.
Under the European Union’s 5th and 6th Framework Programmes for Research (FP5 and FP6) more than 50 projects related partly or entirely to polar issues were financed with a total funding of approximately 200 million Euros. They are focussed on climate change and the functioning of the Earth system, environment and health, natural hazards, natural resources, research infrastructures and coordination activities. This catalogue provides detailed information and achievements of these projects supported within FP5 and FP6. Specifically, the information provides a description of projects, their objectives and their final scientific achievements for finished projects.

1. Climate System
2. Environment and Health
3. Natural Hazards
4. Natural Resources
5. Research Infrastructures

Project catalogue: European research on Polar Environment and Climate Results and information from FP5 and FP6 projects

Global Change and Ecosystems

This publication provides a comprehensive overview of the work that was launched under the FP6 banner between 2002 and 2006. The Global Change and Ecosystems research on greenhouse gas emissions, the water cycle, biodiversity, desertification, sustainable land management and climate modelling has been groundbreaking for its science.


1. Impact and mechanisms of greenhouse gas emissions and atmospheric pollutants on climate, ozone depletion and carbon sinks
2. Water cycle including soil-related aspects
3. Biodiversity and ecosystems
4. Mechanisms of desertification and natural disasters
5. Strategies for sustainable land management, including coastal zones, agricultural land and forests
6. Operational forecasting and modeling including global climatic change observation systems
7. Complementary Research
8. Cross-cutting issue: Sustainable Development concepts and tools
9. Specific support actions (covering several areas)
10. Scientific Support to Policies (SSP)

Project catalogue: Global Change and Ecosystems - Catalogue of projects funded during the Sixth Framework Programme

European research on Natural Hazards

A catalogue of selected research projects on Natural Hazards financed by the European Commission, Directorate General for Research (Environment Directorate) under the fifth and sixth framework programmes. The projects cover the following issues:

1. Projects related to avalanches
2. Projects related to floods
3. Projects related to forest fires
4. Projects related to landslides
5. Projects related to multirisks
6. Projects related to seismology/seismic engineering
7. Projects related to tsunami
8. Projects related to volcanoes

Project catalogue: European research on Natural Hazards - Catalogue of selected FP5 and FP6 projects, Volume 1

Carbon Cycle and GreenHouse Gases

A catalogue of research projects on carbon cycle and greenhouse gases financed by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Research, Environment Directorate, under the Fifth and Sixth Framework Programmes. The projects focus on terrestrial and oceanic ecosystems, global observations and ocean-atmosphere interactions.


1. Terrestrial Ecosystems
2. Atmospheric Observations
3. Global Observations
4. Ocean - Atmosphere Interactions

Project catalogue: European Research on Climate Change - Catalogue of FP5 and FP6 Projects on Carbon Cycle and GreenHouse Gases

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