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GFZ as an Employer

The GFZ is committed to providing equal opportunities for women and men and particularly encouraging women. The management and the human resources department work closely together on this undertaking. They work out an equality plan every four years, in which they specify all of the relevant measures for the promotion of women for the subsequent period.

The company strives to improve the professional situation of women, as they are under-represented in research and management positions particularly. As well as ensuring general family-friendly conditions, the GFZ follows a personnel policy specifically aimed at highly-skilled women. As well as membership of genderdax and following the cascade model, this includes promotion via the Talent Management programme of the Helmholtz Association, which is aimed at equal opportunities.

Equal Opportunities Plan

In addition to increasing the number of women, particularly in science and leadership positions, the promotion of equal opportunity pursues the aim of continuing to successfully advance GFZ and the science undertaken here.


Since the GFZ follows a personnel policy aimed at equal opportunities, we decided to further advance our collaboration with the information platform genderdax. Genderdax is an Internet information platform that provides highly-skilled women with an overview of employment options and career opportunities.


Cascade Model

The Helmholtz Association agreed to introduce flexible target ratios for the shares of female employees, following the cascade model. According to this model, the actual ratio of a career stage becomes the ideal ratio for the next career stage.

Logo with writing "Charta of Diversity" and the addition "signed"

Charta of Diversity

In June 2021 the German Research Centre for Geosciences signed the Diversity Charter.

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