Dr.Bettina Strauch

Bettina Strauch
Dr.Bettina Strauch
Building B, Room 120
+49 331 288-1425
+49 331 288-1474

Function and Responsibilities:

Senior scientist
Coordinator of ProSalz

Research Interests:

  • fluid migration and related processes in salt rock
  • gas hydrate research (lab based investigation of e.g. CH4-CO2 exchange, effects of impurities, THF hydrate as substitute for natural hydrate)
  • analysis and microthermometry of fluid inclusions and in magmatic and sedimentary rocks
  • membrane based gas-water separation for gas capturing and monitoring purposes
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • low-temperature calorimetry
  • X-ray diffraction analysis coupled to freezing stage or humidity chamber


seit 2007 wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam, GFZ.
1993-1998 technical assistant, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Potsdam.
1990-1992 lab assistant, Mikroelektronik-Stahnsdorf, Stahnsdorf, Germany.


2007 PhD, Kingston University, UK
Origin, migration and distribution of hydrocarbons in the alkaline igneous Khibiny pluton, NW-Russia

2002 Diploma Earth Science, University Potsdam, Germany
Geochemistry of the Yenisei River – composition of the fluvial endmember and its modification in the estuary

1998 Technical Assistant, Federal Association of Ecology, Germany
Environmental Protection with specialization in applied laboratory techniques

1990 Lab Assistant, Berlin-Chemie, Berlin, Germany



ProSalz (Process understanding, scalability and transferability of reactive multiphase transport in salt deposits)
   - project co-ordination
   - geochemistry of fluids and salt rocks
   - fluid inclusion analyses
   - in situ simulations underground and lab simulations
SUGAR I and II (Submarine Gas Hydrate Reservoirs)
   - usage of silicone membranes as Tools for Gas Extraction and Monitoring in the Course of
     Hydrate Formation and Dissociation

   - lab based simulations on CO2 – CH4 exchange in gas hydrates
ASA project (Carl von Duisberg Foundation of development cooperation)
   - public campaign focussing on water pollution and waste in in Karaganda, Kazakhstan.
SIRRO 2000 (German-Russian Kara-Sea Expedition, AWI Potsdam)
   - sampling of water, sediment and suspended matter in the Yenisei Estuary

SFB 267 (Deformation Processes in the Andes)
   - mapping and structural analysis of the Eastern Puna, 24°S, Salta, Argentina