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Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Weiß

IT Specialist
Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Weiß
Building A 70, Room 320 (Büro)
14473 Potsdam

Function and Responsibilities:

Research Software Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) and Environmental Scientist (M.Sc.)

Research Interests:

  • Scientific software development, focusing on complex web applications
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Data Visualisation, UX, UI
  • Remote Sensing of Marine Litter
  • Deep Learning
  • Agile working



  • 2015 - 2018: Environmental Science, M.Sc., University of Rostock
  • 1998 - 2004: Media Technology, Dipl.-Ing., TU Ilmenau


  • GeoInt4Env: Geospatial Intelligence for Environment Protection against Illegal Activities
  • Helmholtz DataHub: The Earth and Environment DataHub integrates data repositories, infrastructures and services in the joint research programme “Changing Earth – Sustaining our Future” across Helmholtz centres.
  • TRACE: Detection and tracking of large marine litter based on high-resolution remote sensing time series, machine learning, and ocean current modelling (ESA, Remote Sensing of Plastic Marine Litter)
  • TERENO-NO: Terrestrial Environmental Observatories, Northeastern German Lowland Observatory (BMBF, HGF)
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