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Dr.-Ing. Sonja Martens

Department Coordinator
Dr.-Ing. Sonja Martens
Building A 71, Room 428 (Büro - Wissenschaftler/in)
14473 Potsdam

Function and Responsibilities:

Manager of Department 3 "Geochemistry"

Research Interests:

Science and project management

Geological storage of energy and use of subsurface reservoirs 

Environmental site assessment and hydrogeology   


since 2015
GFZ German Research Centre for Geoscience
Manager, Technology Transfer Centres

2009 to 2014
Principal Research Scientist, GFZ German Research Centre for Geoscience
Centre for Geological Storage, Project Manager for the Ketzin pilot site

2006 to 2009
Project Manager, Environmental Site Assessment, Golder Associates GmbH, Celle

2001 to 2006
Research Associate, Hamburg University of Technology, Water Resources and Water Supply


2006 Doctorate, Hamburg University of Technology, Institute for Water Resources and Water Supply

2001 Diploma Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hamburg University of Technology

1998/99 DAAD scholarship, University of Waterloo/Canada 


COMPLETE - CO2 post-injection monitoring and post-closure phase at the Ketzin pilot site; BMBF/GEOTECHNOLOGIEN programme, co-ordinator (01/2014-02/2015)

CO2MAN - CO2-Reservoir Management: BMBF/GEOTECHNOLOGIEN programme, co-ordinator (09/2010-12/2013)

CO2CARE - CO2 Site Closure Assessment Research; EU/FP7 (01/2011-12/2013)

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