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Dr. Robert Behling

Dr. Robert Behling
Building A 17, Room 01.13 (Büro)
14473 Potsdam

Research Interests:

  • applied remote sensing
  • geohazards (landslides in particular)
  • time series analysis of optical multi-sensor data
  • image processing, geomatics, and GIS
  • analysis of the dynamics of the changing Earth


  • SaWaM: Seasonal Water Resources Management in Semi-arid Regions: Application-oriented Transfer of Regionalized Global Information
  • GeoMultiSens: Big Data Methods for multi sensor processing of Earth observation data
  • GeoArchives - Signals of Climate and Landscape Change preserved in Southern African GeoArchives
  • PROGRESS: Potsdam Research Cluster for Georisk Analysis, Environmental Change and Sustainability

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