M. Sc. Ricardo Ruiz Monroy

Ricardo Ruiz Monroy
M. Sc. Ricardo Ruiz Monroy
PhD Student
Building B, Room 455
14473 Potsdam

Function and Responsibilities:

I´m a PhD student in the International Training group "StRATEGy".
My primary research goal is to understand oil source properties for Yacoraite Fm in the Salta basin, Argentina. In this project different basic, detailed organic geochemistry and petrography analysis are combining in the frame of Basin Modelling to deconvolute burial and thermal histories integrating tectono-stratigraphic evolution and timing of major unconformities.

Research Interests:

I`m interested in organic geochemistry applied to:
- Paleoenvironment reconstruction.
- Combining different approaches and tecniques e.g. organic geochemistry and clay minerals.
- Assess oil potential, it`s composition and chemical properies.
- Basin modelling to understand, anticipate chemical process taking place during geological time.


I`ve worked in geochemistry mainly at Gmas located in Bogotà, Colombia. What I did there was mainly related to organic petrography and measurement of vitrinite reflectance in both coals and shales as well as correlating those properties to rock eval analysis into the context of potential hydrocarbon assessment. On the other hand, as I like teaching, I did it at highschool level, being teacher of natural sciences.


Bacherlor: Chemistry licenciate
Master Sc: Sciences-Geology


StRATEGy is a binational project Argentina-Germany with the aim to better undertand Complex geological processes at different scales. It is divided into eight interdisciplinary work packages involving different temporal and space scales.  I'm working on Multiple basin modeling techniques in relation with oil formation integrating organic geochemistry data.

further information:


Research Boards and Committees:

- TSOP: The Society for Organic Petrology
- ICCP:  International Committee for Coal and Organic Petrology


Organic petrographer accredited in three ICCP`s categories:

- SCAP: Single Coal Accreditation Program
- DOMVR: Disperserd Organic Matter Vitrinite Reflectance
- CBAP: Coal Blend Accreditation Program