Dr.Karen Leever

Karen Leever
Dr.Karen Leever

Function and Responsibilities:

research scientist
coordinator of the Helmholtz Graduate Research School  GeoSim

Research Interests:

1. I use analogue tectonic modelling to study long-term deformation of the earth's crust
- mechanics of 3D deformation: oblique tectonics, effect of lateral transitions
- interaction of tectonics and surface processes
2. Method development
- high resolution optical imaging in analogue modelling ( workshop)
- analogue modelling -> geomechanics -> geothermal energy
- combining analogue and numerical modelling


since 2010: research scientist, GFZ Potsdam
since 2010: coordinator of the Helmholtz Graduate Research School   GeoSim
2007-2010: postdoc, Oslo University, Norway
2003-2007: PhD student, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands


2007: PhD thesis "Foreland of the Romanian Carpathians", VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2003: doctorate, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands