Dr. Erica Erlanger

Dr. Erica Erlanger
Building F, Room 451
14473 Potsdam

Function and Responsibilities:

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests:

I am interested in understanding the spatial and temporal patterns of Earth surface processes in orogenic landscapes. I use field-based observations, laboratory analyses, and a variety of geochronology tools (cosmogenic nuclides, water chemistry, low-temperature thermochronology) to understand the links between denudation processes and landscape evolution, orogen kinematics, and the carbon cycle. Please visit my website for more information on current and past projects. ederlanger.wixsite.com/geology


Geologist (2012-2015)

Underground Imaging Technologies (UIT)

Laboratory Researcher (2011-2012)

Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT)

Rutgers University

Consultant for Geophysical Monitoring (2011-2012)

Transportation Infrastructure Systems (TIS)


Doctor of Science (2015-2020)

ETH Zürich

Master of Science (2008-2010)

Purdue University

Bachelor of Science (2004-2008)

Union College, NY


Carbon Sinks or Carbon Emitters? Determining the carbon budget of a young orogen and constraining the impact of anthropogenic sulfuric acid on the carbon cycle


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