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Automatic near real-time processing of GPS-data

The demand for high accuracy requires the use of high grade, geodetic GPS measurement equipment, but also a careful processing of the GPS raw-data. A fast availability of GPS-based products can only be achieved through an automated data processing system. An automatic system for the processing of GPS-data was developed within the project GITEWS and integrated into the Indonesian tsunami early warning center (INATEWS) in Jakarta (figure 1). This system is in operation since end of 2008.

One component of the new developed system is a web-based, graphical user interface (Web-GUI) that allows an easy to handle monitoring of GPS-networks and the automatic GPS processing system itself. With the help of this Web-GUI the proper function of all system components as well as a possible performance reduction becomes visible for the staff at the early warning center (figure 2) and also from other locations with Internet access at any time.

Reference: Falck, C., Ramatschi, M., Subarya, C., Bartsch, M., Merx, A., Hoeberechts, J., Schmidt, G. (2010): Near real-time GPS applications for tsunami early warning systems. - Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS), 10, 2, p. 181-189.

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