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Absolute building
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The Geomagnetic Observatory Paratunka/Petropavlovsk (PET) is run in co-operation by the Institute of Cosmophysical Researches and Radio Wave Propagation (IKIR) and GFZ since the year 2009.
The geomagnetic field intensity and directions are continously recorded at the observatory since 1969.
The observatory is member of the INTERMAGNET program.

Location: Russia

Geographic Coordinates:
Latitude: 52.97 N    Longitude: 158.25 E    Altitude: 50 m

Geomagnetic Coordinates:
Latitude: 46.03 N    Longitude: 138.00 W

The geomagnetic coordinates refer to IGRF-11 for 2010.


Data are available on request or over the INTERMAGNET program.

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