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13th Deutsche Klimatagung

The 13th German Climate Conference will take place from March 12-14, 2024 on the Telegrafenberg. Registrations are possible from 1.12.2023.

Conference topics
1. climate yesterday, today, tomorrow
Convener: Barbara Früh, Cecile Blanchet, Patrick Ludwig, Katja Trachte

  • Time scales of climate change
  • Natural and anthropogenic drivers
  • Prediction and modeling
  • Climate research in the high mountains

2. attribution research and extremes
Convener: Marlene Kretschmer, Sabine Undorf, Frank Kreienkamp
meteorological extreme weather and climate events

  • Detection of changes that have occurred
  • economic or societal climate impacts
  • Causal relationships and interactions

3. negative emissions, nature-based solutions, climate engineering
Convener: Thomas Leisner, Kathleen Mar, Hella Wittmann, Isabel Steinke

  • Opportunities and limitations of different approaches and technologies
  • Role of forests, oceans, wetlands
  • CO2 capture and storage (CCS)

4. environment, biodiversity and sustainability
Convener: Thomas Hickler, Christopher Reyer, Ingolf Kühn, Nadine Rüher

  • Impacts of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem services, sustainable land and resource management
  • Interactions between climate and nature conservation strategies
  • Synergies and conflicting goals between biodiversity and climate protection
  • Adaptation to climate change and other sustainability goals

5. energy transition, energy meteorology and geothermal energy
Convener: Stephanie Fiedler, Ingo Sass, Frank Kaspar

  • Predictability of renewable energies
  • Resource assessment of renewable energies
  • technological developments: energy efficiency, energy grids, and
    storage technologies
  • Renewable energies from an economic perspective

6. climate change and society, climate services, people and health
Convener: Tobias Geiger, Fritz Reusswig, Inge Niedek, Andreas Matzarakis, Franziska S. Hanf

  • Predictability of renewable energies
  • Comprehensible communication of knowledge
  • Exchange with society
  • Climate services as a bridge between science and application
  • Climate change and health

7. AI and new methods and approaches in climate research, digital twin
Convener: Walter Acevedo, Niklas Boers

  • Application potentials of AI in climate research

Submission of lecture registrations
until 17.11.2023

from 01.12.2023 online:

Information to authors about acceptance of contributions

Publication of the conference program

Registration deadline (early bird discount)

Registration deadline (regular)
01.03.2024 (After that, registration is only possible on site!)

DKT organization team
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Phone: +4930 616 450 50

Henning Rust (FU Berlin, DMG)
Frank Beyrich (DWD Lindenberg, DMG)
Sabine Helbig (AWI Potsdam)
Peter Hoffmann (PIK Potsdam)
Frank Kreienkamp (DWD Potsdam)
Andrea Oestreich (DMG Secretariat)
Marion Schnee (DMG Secretariat)
Jens Wickert (GFZ Potsdam)

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