Trillium Compact

Geophone Output

Pin   Signal

B      + X (east)
C       - X
F       + Y (north)
H       - Y
L       + Z (vertical)
M      - Z
K        Calibration signal input 0.375*(m/s²)/V
R        Maximum mass position (+- 4 V)
D       * Input: calibration enable (default) -OR-
          * Input: serial RS-232 receive
          * Input: Change to short period mode from factory default long period mode
          * Input: serial RS-232 receive
J        * Input: enable UVW outputs instead of the factory default XYZ outputs
           * Output: serial RS-232 transmit
E         Analog ground
P         + Power
N         - Power
A         Digital ground
shell     For shielding and safety

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