The project is currently staffed with three researchers. A PhD candidate will join in 2017. 

Sascha Brune

Head of Helmholtz Young Investigators Group

Research Interests: Tectonics of Rifting and Passive Margin Formation | Cross-scale Geodynamics | Plate-Mantle Interaction

Links: GFZ Homepage & CV | GFZ Publication List  | Google Scholar | Research Gate 

Anne Glerum

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Numerical Geodynamics | 2D & 3D Rift Modelling | Eastern Mediterranean Tectonics 

Links: GFZ Homepage  | Google Scholar | Research Gate 

Maximilian Döhmann

PhD Candidate

Research Interests:  Localisation in Poly-Mineralic Rocks |  Numerical Modeling of Rock Deformation on Centimetre-Scale 

Links: GFZ Homepage |  Research Gate