Dr. Virginie Durand


Funktion und Aufgaben:

I am currently a post-doc on the SAIDAN project (“Seismic and AseismIc Deformation in the brittle crust: implications for Anthropogenic and Natural hazard”).In this project, I am investigating the interactions between slow and fast slip in the Eastern Marmara Sea (Turkey), where the North Anatolian Fault (NAF) is dividing in three branches. I am also looking at the relationship between the NAF in the Marmara Sea and the seismicity at the regional scale.

Wissenschaftliche Interessen:

I am interested in the processes that control the generation of earthquakes and also of landslides. It seems that a preparation phase (nucleation) is taking place before both of these phenomena. I am also interested in interactions between earthquakes and between landslides and external forcing (seismic or volcanic activity, rain,...)

I think that if we understand better the mechanics (from nucleation to propagation) of earthquakes and landslides, we could be more effective in the prevention.

The subjects I am working on and the tools I am using:

  • Earthquake interactions
    • seismicity catalog analysis (~40 years of data)
    • computation of static and dynamic Coulomb stress changes
  • Earthquake nucleation
    • temporal and spatio-temporal evolution analysis (10 years of data)
    • statistical tools to determine if our observations are significant
  • Rupture propagation
    • numerical simulation (BIEM)
  • Landslides
    • signal processing to compile a catalog of events (time of occurrence, location, volumes)
    • catalog analysis
    • numerical simulation of granular flow (SHALTOP code)