Prof. Taylor Schildgen


Seit 7/2015       W2 Professor, Section 5.1 (Geomorphology), GFZ Potsdam
2/2013-6/2015   Emmy Noether Group leader, University of Potsdam, Germany
4/2011-1/2013   Post-doctoral researcher and lecturer, University of Potsdam, Germany
4/2009-3/2011   Alexander von Humboldt Post-doctoral Fellow
3/2008-3/2009   Post-doctoral researcher, DFG-Leibniz Center for Earth Surface and Climate Studies, University of Potsdam

Werdegang / Ausbildung:

2000 B.A. in Geosciences, Williams College, USA
2002 M.Sc. in GIS, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
2008 Ph.D. in Geology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


  • DFG-funded graduate school StRATEGy (since 2015): SuRfAce processes, TEctonics and Georesources: The Andean forland basin of Argentina (post-doctoral researcher Heiko Pingel)
  • ITN ALErT (since 2013): Anatolian pLateau climatE and Tectonic hazards (Ph.D. candidate Görkem Sivri)
  • DFG-funded Emmy Noether project (since 2013): SCHI 1241/1-1, “Geologic reconstructions of changes in erosion rates and hillslope processes in response to climate forcing” (Ph.D. candidate Stefanie Tofelde, post-doctoral researcher Andrew Wickert, post-doctoral researcher Jurgen Mey)

Wissenschaftliche Gremien:

Editorial service
Seit 2017: Editor, Tectonics
2014-2017: Associate Editor, Tectonics
Seit 2014: Editorial Board, Lithosphere
Scientific societies
Seit 2015: EGU Division officer (Geomorphology)
Taylor Schildgen
Prof. Taylor Schildgen
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