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M. Sc. Nestor Eduardo Gaviria Lugo

M. Sc. Nestor Eduardo Gaviria Lugo
Haus E, Raum 226 (Büro)
14473 Potsdam

Funktion und Aufgaben:

My research centers on answering the next question: How climate and vegetation changes impact earth surface processes like erosion and weathering?

To investigate this, I use soils, sediments from big catchments along the Chilean climatic gradient and marine sediments adjacent to the outlet of these catchments.

I do wet chemistry labwork to obtain elemental concentrations from my samples and isotope data ( isotopes of C, Li, H, 10Be/9Be meteoric). In the lab my main working tools are instruments like the ICP-OES and mass spectrometers (ICP-MS, ICP-MC-MS, GC-MS, GC-IRMS).

Out of the lab I code in R, python and matlab to analyze my data, as well as long term climatic and vegetation datasets. I  also leverage on compiling data from similar regions in the world.

Wissenschaftliche Interessen:

  • Climate change
  • Hydrology
  • Analytical geochemistry
  • Isotope geochemistry
  • Applied data science
  • Applied remote sensing to climate change
  • Silicate weathering in the C cycle
  • Land cover changes


  • Feb 2019 - Currently Earth Surface Geochemistry, GFZ, Germany
  • Oct 2016 - Jan 2019 MARUM, Universität Bremen, Germany    
  • Aug 2011 - Aug2016 Depto Geociencias, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

Werdegang / Ausbildung:

  • MSc. Marine Geosciences, Universität Bremen, Germany
  • BSc. Geology, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia


Part of the DFG priority program Earth Shape.

In this project I'm a member of the SECCO team, where we are working together with Charlotte Läuchlii (FU Berlin) under the direction of Dr. Hella Wittmann(GFZ), Dr. Dirk Sachse(GFZ), Dr. Patrick Frings(GFZ) and Prof. Dr. Anne Bernhard (FU Berlin).

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