Dr. Marta Sosnicka

Marta Sosnicka
Dr. Marta Sosnicka
Gebäude B, Raum 225
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-1907

Wissenschaftliche Interessen:

  • Geology and genesis of ore deposits (sediment-hosted base metal deposits, BIF-hosted iron deposits, hydrothermal vein-type deposits)
  • Fluid inclusions in transparent and opaque minerals
  • Isotope geochemistry


since 2016: Post-doctoral Researcher, GFZ Potsdam, Section 3.2

2014-2016: Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Economic Geology Research Institute EGRI, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Guest researcher, Stockholm University, Sweden

2010-2011: Guest researcher, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria 

Werdegang / Ausbildung:

2014: Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection, Ph.D. degree in Earth Science, AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

2009: Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection, M.Sc. Eng. degree in Geological Science, AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland


MinNoBeck_Potsdam Project

The major focus of the project is geochemistry of fluid inclusions hosted in ore and gangue minerals from hydrothermal deposits in the North German Basin. Fluid inclusions have been analyzed using microthermometry in transmitted and infrared light (IR), Raman Spectroscopy and Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS). P-T-X data of fluid inclusions gathered using conventional methods will be supported by bulk analyses of stable D and O isotope analyses of aqueous fluid inclusions as well as stable C and N isotope analyses of gas-rich inclusions. The study aims to reconstruct the pressure and temperature conditions during mineral precipitation and to characterize chemical compositions of the mineral-forming fluids. The results will give a glimpse into potential sources for metals and fluorine and aid the evaluation of potential of mineral provinces in the North German Basin. 

For more details please see the joint MinNoBeck Project website: http://minnobeck.user.jacobs-university.de/