Dr. Mario D'Acquisto

Mario D'Acquisto
Dr. Mario D'Acquisto
Haus A 17, Raum 10.22
14473 Potsdam

Funktion und Aufgaben:

I am a postdoctoral Research Scientist in Section 1.1 (GNSS, Department of Geodesy) of GFZ Potsdam.

I work within the Galileo Reference Service Provider (GRSP), which is responsible for realising and maintaining the Galileo Terrestrial Reference Frame (GTRF), in support of the European Union's Galileo Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

I am partly responsible for the provision of geodetic products (orbits and clock  adjustemnts, combinations of orbits, clock adjustments and station coordinates, various timing biases) and for researching applications of GNSS products and related tools to solid Earth research.

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