Dr. Jacqueline Tema Salzer

Wissenschaftliche Interessen:

Monitoring active volcanoes (such as Colima, Merapi and Lascar) by optical cameras and digital image correlation techniques in combination with TerraSAR-X interferometry. The focus lies at the detection and quantification of deformation in the region of the dome, to increase our understanding of the processes governing dome growth and collapse, as well as the potential influence of external factors (e.g. local or regional earthquakes) on the activity of the dome.


Feb. 2017 - Present: Post-doctoral Researcher at GFZ (VOLCAPSE)
Jan. 2012 to Dec. 2016: PhD candidate, GFZ, University of Potsdam
2007-2011: Master of Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford (University College)
4th year Masters Project: InSAR constrained coseismic slip model of the 2010 Maule (Chile) Earthquake


  • University College Exhibition 2008-2009
  • Master's Scholarship for Canada 2009
  • AON Benfield Prize for Work Showing Insight into Natural Catastrophes 2011
  • GFZ Section 2.1 Publication award 2014
  • AGU Outstanding Student Paper Award 2014
Jacqueline Tema Salzer
Dr. Jacqueline Tema Salzer
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