Igor Lisac

Gebäude A 27, Raum 101
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-27522

Funktion und Aufgaben:

At the GFZ Potsdam I am working on the development of a better model of the details of interactions between climate and fluvial erosion. There is a necessity to improve our understanding and modelling of how surface relief and topography affect rainfall patterns and the distribution of rainfall events both spatially and temporally, and in turn how this affects discharge distributions and patterns of erosion. In particular, it is important to develop a better understanding of the link between rainfall variability and mean, and discharge variability and mean in mountainous river catchments in order to build predictable models of long-term evolution of mountain belts, but also to predict the magnitudes and frequencies of natural hazards (e.g. landslides, floods).

Currently, our understanding is limited by the assumption of uniformity of rainfall mean and variability in any catchment, which cannot be taken lightly in mountainous river catchments where the control of rainfall by orography cannot be neglected, as the mean rainfall intensity and variability varies greatly with altitude. Therefore, the main focus of my PhD project is to answer these questions i.e. to overcome these severe limitations, and to improve the current model of the relation of rainfall to discharge characteristics by taking into account the orographic effect on precipitation, and also the effect of finite storm size in large catchments. The acquired knowledge would be used to predict how these forcings affect erosional processes characterised by a threshold (e.g. river incision, landsliding).

Werdegang / Ausbildung:

I have completed Bachelor and Master degrees in Physics and Geophysics with the specialisation in Meteorology and Physical oceanography. During my studies I acquired solid overall background in applied Mathematics and Physics which was later directed towards better understanding of different geophysical processes and methods. In my Master's thesis, "Similarity theory testing on the summer bora wind at the Middle Adriatic coast", I analysed wind speed and temperature time series data in order to research static stability of the atmospheric boundary layer and the applicability of the Similarity theory during the bora wind events. In the work, more accurate functional dependencies of Similarity functions were proposed than reported in the literature.