Dr. Elisa Josiane Rindraharisaona

Wissenschaftliche Interessen:

Broadly speaking, my current research focuses on analyzing the seismic recordings from earthquakes (and ambient noise data) in order to better understand the different tectonic and geodynamic processes that have shaped Madagascar. My work uses different seismological methods including receiver functions, surface wave dispersion measurements and travel time tomography.

I have previously worked on the seismotectonic of Madagscar. I have located/relocated the local erthquakes and did some source inversion. 


DAAD long-term scientist: 2014-2015 
Georg Foster (HERMES), Humboldt fellowship (2015-2017)
Elisa Josiane Rindraharisaona
Dr. Elisa Josiane Rindraharisaona
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