Prof. Dr. Claudio Faccenna

Prof. Dr. Claudio Faccenna
Haus E, Raum 424
14473 Potsdam

Funktion und Aufgaben:

Head of the Section 4.1 Lithosphere Dynamics

Full Professor at Dept. of Sciences, Università Roma TRE

Wissenschaftliche Interessen:

Topics: crustal deformation, active tectonics, orogenic belt uplift and exhumation process, dynamic topography, subduction tectonic and morphological evolution of convergent margin, trench migration and back-arc deformation, mantle convection, volcanism and fluid circulation in the crust.

Tools: Structural geology and geomorphology, experimental / numerical geodynamic modelling, paleomagnetism, seismic lines interpretation.

Field sites: Tethyan belt: Mediterranean to the Middle East (Morocco, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran), Himalaya (Pakistan), Andes (Argentina, Colombia), Antarctica.


2021-present  Adjunct Professor, Jackson School of Geoscience, University of Texas at Austin.

2021-present  Section Lithosphere Dynamics at GFZ Potsdam

2011-present Full Professor at Dept. of Sciences, Università Roma TRE.

2019-2021      John F. and Carolyn C. Bookout Endowed Chair in Structural Geology, Jackson School of Geoscience, University of Texas at Austin.

2001-2010       Associate Professor at Dept. of Geological Science, Università Roma TRE.

1995-2000       Researcher at Department of Geological Science, Università of Roma TRE.

1997-1998       Visiting scholar at Harvard University, Cambridge (USA).

Werdegang / Ausbildung:

1993-1995       Post-doc at Université Paris VI and at Geosciences Rennes-Université di Rennes I.

1989-1993       PhD at Department of Earth Science, University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

1984-1988       Graduated at Department of Earth Science, University of Rome “La Sapienza”.


last 10 years (** indicates main PI; * indicates local PI)

**2019-2022 : Deformation and Topography on Middle-East (Prin, It.Ministery)                      

**2017-2020: Tethys Subduction system. Statoil                                                                      

*ECC 2016-2019: SUBITOP “Topography subduction zone". Marie Curie-ITN Network         

**2006-2017: “Heat flow and topography on backarc region”. Statoil                                       

**2012-2014: “Travertine porosity”. Statoil                                                                               

**2003-2016: “Travertine origin and evolution”. Different sources                                            

*PNRA. 2014-2016: Topography of Antarctica.                                                                   

*PRIN - 2011-2014: “Topography of Calabrian Arc”. MIUR (It. Research Ministry)                   

**Ita-Israel 2011-2013: The Disconnection of the Mediterranean Basin from the Mesopotamian Basin and its relations to dynamic topography                               

**ECC 2011-2015: TOPOMOD "Tectonics/topography”. Marie Curie-ITN Network                  

*ECC 2009-2011: CRYSTAL2PLATE “Plate tectonics". Marie Curie-ITN Network               

*ESF 2008-2011: TOPOMED. Eurocore TOPO-EUROPE "Calabria Arc". PI: R. Wortel         

*ESF 2008-2011: VAMP. Eurocore TOPO-EUROPE "Anatolia Uplift". Main PI: M. Strecker  

Wissenschaftliche Gremien:

2021-present Member Scientific Prospective Committee, Université Sciences Sorbonne, Paris;

2019-2021       Member ScientificAdvisory Council, GFZ Potsdam;

2018-present  Member ScientificAdvisory Board, Center Earth Evolution Dynamics, Univ Oslo;

2015-2019       Member Governing Board Institute National Geophys. Volcanology (INGV) Italy;

2016-2018       Member of the Academic Senate of the University of Roma TRE

2013-2019       Coordinator of PhD Earth Science School at Roma TRE;

2011-2017       Member ERCGrant Advisory Panel Pe10;

2011-2015       Member of the Scientific Board of Institute Geophysics Volcanology, (INGV) Italy;

2014-2016       Delegate of the President of the University of Roma TRE for the scientific activity;

2008-2013       Member of the Roma TRE Panel for Scientific Library;

2008-2013       Coordinator of PhD Doctoral School at Roma TRE for Geodynamics;

2000-2008       Coordinator Erasmus Project at Geological Science Dept. Roma TRE;

1999-2001       Secretary Tectonic Session at the European Geophysical Society;

1996-2018       Responsible Laboratory of Experimental Tectonics (LET);


Editorial Service

2018- present Editor in chief of G-CubedGeophysics, Geochemistry, Geosystem (AGU);

2014- 2017      Editor of Tectonics (EGU, AGU);

2014- 2016      Editor of Module Earth Systems Environmental Sciences Geophysics (Elsevier)

2009-2015       Associate Editor of Italian Journal of Geosciences;

2008-2014       Associate Editor of Tectonics;


2019    Francis BirchLecture Award, Tectonophysics section, American Geophysical Union.

2017    Fellow of the American Geophysical Union.

2015    Humboldt Research Award from Alexandre von Humboldt Foundation.

2014    Stephan Muller medal European Geoscience Union, Division Tectonics-Structural Geology

2013    Prix Viquesnel2013 Société Géologique de France.

2010    Galileo Galilei International Medal for Earth Science;

2008    Member of the Academia Europaea.

Visiting Professorships

2018    Visiting professorUniversité de Aix-Marseille IIICEREGE

2016    Visiting Humboldt professor Helmholtz Zentrum GFZ Potsdam(Germany)

2015    Visiting Humboldt professor Helmholtz Zentrum GFZ Potsdam (Germany)

2015    Visiting professorEarthquake Research Institute-University Tokyo (Japan)

2014    Visiting professorUniversité Paris VI (France)

2014    Visiting professorUniversité Orleans (France)

2013    Visiting professorUniversity Southern California (USA)

2012    Visiting professorUniversité Grenoble (France)

2009    Visiting professorUniversity Southern California (USA)

2008    Visiting professorUniversité de Aix-Marseille III(France)
2007     Visiting professorUniversité de Montpellier II (France)

2008     Visiting professorUniversité de Rennes I (France)

2004    Visiting professorUniversité de Aix-Marseille III (France)

2000    Visiting professorUniversité de Paris VI (France)
1997    Visiting scholar Dept. Earth Planetary Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge (USA)
1996    Visiting Researcher atDépartément de Géologié Universitè de Cergy-Pontoise (France)


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