Dr. Anne Strader

Wissenschaftliche Interessen:

  • Physics-based seismicity model development and understanding the impact of Coulomb stress-field uncertainties on earthquake forecast and seismic hazard model performance
  • Investigating the role of static/quasi-static Coulomb stress transfer in earthquake-triggering processes and delineating spatiotemporal seismicity distributions
  • Operational earthquake forecasting: development of new types of forecasting experiments beyond those implemented into the CSEP (Collaboratory for the Study of Earthquake Predictability) testing center
  • Statistical seismology
  • Development and evaluation of seismicity models used as input for PSHA: understanding the impact of various types of input data as well as their quality/quantity (earthquake-catalog, geodetic, stress, focal mechanism) on hazard model performance


since 03/2015       Postdoctoral Research Scientist – GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Section 2.6. Seismic Hazard and Stress Field

07/2014-03/2015  Postdoctoral Research Scientist – UCLA Department of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences

08/2014-10/2014  Lecturer (EPSS 8: Earthquakes) – UCLA Department of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences

01/2014-04/2014  Teaching Assistant (EPSS 8: Earthquakes) – UCLA Department of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences

08/2010-07/2014  PhD Student and Research Assistant – UCLA Department of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences

Werdegang / Ausbildung:

07/2014  PhD, UCLA (M.Sci integrated into PhD program)
     Dissertation title: The Effects of Static Coulomb Stress Change on Southern California           Earthquake Forecasting

05/2010  B.Sci, Bucknell University
     Honors thesis title: Geophysical Analysis of Seasonal Montandon Gravel Ridge Water Table Fluctuation and Moisture Gradient Variation due to Storm Events


Seismology and Earthquake Engineering Research Infrastructure Alliance for Europe (SERA), Task 24.2: Characterisation of earthquakes sequences and background-seismicity rates
Anne Strader
Dr. Anne Strader
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