M. Sc. Anne Glerum

Anne Glerum
M. Sc. Anne Glerum
Heinrich-Mann-Allee 18/19
Gebäude HMA 18/19, Raum 510
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-28766

Funktion und Aufgaben:

Anne uses the finite element code ASPECT to explore geodynamic processes in both global and regional context. During her PhD she extended ASPECT for application to complex models of lithospheric subduction, including nonlinear, viscoplastic rheologies and realistic, data-driven set-ups. With these models she investigated the control mantle dynamics exert on the present-day crustal deformation of the Eastern Mediterranean. As part of the CRYSTALS group, she works on regional- and local-scale models of the East African Rift System. This work concentrates on discriminating between the contributions of rift dynamics and mantle flow to the motion of the Victoria microplate. Other interests include magma-tectonic feedback and surface processes during rifting.