Dr. Álvaro González Gómez

Dr. Álvaro González Gómez
Haus A 70, Raum 207
14473 Potsdam

Funktion und Aufgaben:

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Danijel Schormlemmer, and benefit from support from the RISE project (on real-time earthquake risk reduction for a resilient Europe).

My goals are to develop a new model for time-dependent earthquake probabilities and to review earthquake magnitude-frequency distributions, building upon our earlier results spanning from laboratory to regional and global scale.

Currently, I am busy unveiling the heterogeneities of the Global Centroid Moment Tensor Catalog, which I will later use for in-depth analyses.

I also collaborate with the Basin Modelling section of GFZ, on lithospheric models applied to undestanding the distribution of seismicity under the Caribean and NW South America.

For an extensive presentation about past and present research, please have a look at my external webpage.


RISE (on real-time earthquake risk reduction for a resilient Europe).

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