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Zuwendungsgeber [ also provide subsidiary information, e.g. if part of SPP, or name of program. Use GFZ if supported e.g. through expedition funding ]


ProjektmitarbeiterInnen [ normally PhD or postdoc paid by project, or contributing strongly for GFZ-financed initiatives ]

[ for fellowships use: Fellow: Host/Supervisor: instead of PI/People ]

Projektwebseitewww... [ if it exists, obviously embedded as a link ]

[ Suggested length for project description in English between 150 and 400 words ]


[ Choose image to be suitable at full width or two thirds of the text width on the webpage – Eye candy images are fine if you have a good photo or similar ]

Methoden & Geräte


[ Ideal would be to cite here all publications somehow related to the project and with section authors or coauthors, including data publications and reports – ultimately they will all need to be linked to the GFZ database – no point to this at the draft stage, though . Copy / paste from section publication list and section author are automatically underlined ]


Zusätzliche Informationen


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