GOLEM – a MOOSE-based application is a numerical simulator for modelling coupled Thermal-Hydraulic-Mechanical (THM) processes in fractured and faulted geothermal reservoirs. GOLEM makes use of the flexible, object-oriented numerical framework (MOOSE developed at the Idaho National Laboratories), which provides a high-level interface to some of the most sophisticated nonlinear solver technology on the planet. MOOSE presents a straightforward API that aligns well with the real-world problems scientists and engineers need to tackle.

In GOLEM, the governing equations of groundwater flow, heat and mass transport, and rock deformation are solved in a weak sense (by classical Newton–Raphson or by free Jacobian inexact Newton-Krylow schemes) on an underlying unstructured mesh. Non-linear feedbacks among the active processes are enforced by considering evolving fluid and rock properties depending on the thermo-hydro-mechanical state of the system and the local structure, i.e. degree of connectivity, of the fracture system.

GOLEM is open sourced under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3 and it is accessible for downloading from a GitHub repository (https://github.com/ajacquey/Golem).

An overview of the mathematical and computational aspects have been presented in a dedicated ISI publication (Cacace and Jacquey, 2017).

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