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OASIS + Future Danube

The Future Danube model is a multi-hazard and risk model suite for the Danube region that is currently developed comprising of modules for estimating potential perils from heavy precipitation, heatwaves, floods, droughts, as well as damage risk considering climate change. Web-based open Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology allows customers to graphically analyse and overlay perils and other spatial information such as population density or assets exposed. Co-design with stakeholders and practitioners considering user needs will increase the models’ utility beyond the insurance sector to industry and the public sector. The objective of the Climate-KIC [www.climate-kic.org] funded Demonstrator is to pave the way for commercial uptake of tools and data based on the OASIS+ and OASIS LMF frameworks [www.oasislmf.org] and offered through the OASIS e-Marketplace [www.oasishub.co] e.g. as open source or licensed products. The Demonstrator provides quantitative and fully probabilistic information about risks and losses related to adaptation to a changing climate. Within this frame the project consortium explores and develops new applications in the arena of adaptation planning & financing requested by users. This includes data collection on actual damage costs within local communities e.g. insurance damage costs of past extreme events, geo-referenced data on assets, socio-economic data and through interviews in order to provide solid ground for analysing the costs and benefits of proposed adaptations.

Project website : OASIS + Future Danube

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