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We welcome student interns with an interest in the Earth and environmental sciences and geotechnical engineering. In the past, we have hosted interns for periods ranging from two weeks to six months. Limited financial support may be available, depending on topic, background and length of the internship. Research areas in our section include geomorphology, environmental seismology, geochemistry, and natural hazards. Your activities could include:

  1. work in our labs, focusing on biochemistry, sediment and water analysis, or physical processes,
  2. the analysis of seismic, geochemical or remotely sensed data, or
  3. the design and construction of scientific equipment in our electronics and construction laboratories.

If you are interested in an internship with us, contact Taylor Schildgen, and include in your email a CV and a short description of your background and your interests, including specific research groups or projects with which you would like to be involved. Please look through our current research themes before contacting us.

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