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The MEET project (Multidisciplinary and multi-context demonstration of Enhanced Geothermal Systems exploration and Exploitation Techniques and potentials), which is part of the H2020 programme, aims at demonstrating Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) in different geological conditions throughout Europe at an economically sustainable level. The consortium includes a total of 16 partners including eight industrials, two applied research institutes and six Universities from five different European countries. The main project goals are a) to gather knowledge of EGS heat and power production in various geological settings, in particular Variscan metamorphic and granitic rocks, b) to increase heat production from existing plants and to convert oil wells into geothermal wells, c) to enhance heat-to-power conversion at low temperature (60-90°C) by using smart mobile Organic Rankine Cycle units, and (d) to replicate the technology by promoting the penetration EGS power and/or heat plant. Within this context, we are studying the long term behavior of fractures in terms of fracture sealing, healing and fluid-rock interaction.

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